Matt's Bracket Challenge

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Sponsored by: PERF-TURF LLC 2020 Men's Tournament Name Last,First  
Tie Breaks: Total pts in Final Game MAKE YOUR PICKS E-Mail Address 
Scoring: Standard by Round (R1=1, R2=2, R3=4, R4=8, R5=16, R6=32) Enter your Name. Last name FIRST. Enter your email.
Fill out the form by clicking on the teams in the bracket below.
Hit the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Then print out picks.
Underdog by Round (R1=1, R2=2, R3=3, R4=4, R5=5, R6=6)

The MAKE YOUR PICKS is not available yet as the pairings for the 2020 Men's Tournament have not been established yet.

Please try back again later.


Matt's Bracket Challenge
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